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Getting Around the Temples and Town

Siem Reap city is almost small enough to get around on foot, but not quite. The Angkor Park entrance is 4 kilometers from town and the temples inside the park are as much as 3-4 kilometers apart, ordinarily requiring some sort of transportation to tour. Tuk-tuks, and car taxis are the most popular forms of transportation. In town it’s always easy to find tuk-tuks and motodups for short trips. Transportation to and around the temples is usually hired by the day. To avoid later misunderstandings make sure to negotiate the details of the driver’s services carefully – exact price, what times you expect the day to begin/end, availability during lunch hours, limitations on your itinerary, extra charges for temple on the ‘Grand Circuit’ or distant temples, etc.

Moto-Remorques (tuk-tuks)

Moto-remorques are the most common form of transportation in town – the semi-enclosed trailer offering a comparatively pleasant ride. And very easy to find. Just step to the curb and they will find you. For short trips around town, foreigners are expected to pay $2-$5. Bargain! Full day rates for transportation to the temples: $15-$20/day (perhaps a couple dollars less if you bargain.) Additional charge for distant temples.

Private Car Taxis

Private car taxis offer a comfortably air-conditioned way to tour the temples, though they are the most expensive option. Rates start at about $30-$45/day plus additional charges for distant temples off the main circuits. Taxis from the airport to town also offer taxi/tour services to the temples.

Angkor Wat permit

Everyone needs a permit to enter the Angkor temples unless you are Cambodian or related to a Cambodian. A 1 day is $37 USD, 3 day is $62 USD, and 7 day is $72 USD.

Transportation Service: We serve you all by your booking of any private transport here:

  • From Airport to any Hotel in Siem Reap $5
  • From/To Angkor Wat temples (One way) $5
  • From Any Hotel in Siem Reap City to Airport $6
  • From Bus station to any Hotel in Siem Reap City $5
  • From Any Hotel in Siem Reap city to bus station $5
  • From Any Hotel in Siem Reap city to Pub Street $3
  • From Pub Street to Any Hotel in Siem Reap City $4